November 3rd
November 3rd

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November 3rd EP. 2: Russo-Ukraine Tensions, Police Reform, COVID


In this episode we cover the growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the ramifications of these aggressions and how the situation may develop. Police reform and accountability, and the current COVID situation 

Her lisangle, my name, is roomed herewith Dion con and you're. Listening to the second edition of the Novemberthird podcast hello, well, first topic being Russiaand Ukraine now over the past month, tensions that the Ukraine, Russianwarder, have been quite a high to say the least Footin as expressiveintentions to launch a full scale. Invasion into Upran reveal now or exactly educated on the issue. Socan just tell me like why is Russia trying to invite Ukraine or was tryingto invideor well? For the most part, you could seeRussia's power in general in go politics declining in the past fewdecades ever since he followed the Soviet Union. So you could see this inmost eastern European countries they're facing a demographic crash, or thereisn't enough kids being born to replace the original population, and manypeople, especially educated people, are leaving the country to go to WesternEurope. So postlike, Germany and France so see the acquisition of Ukraine back intwo thousand and fourteen added a whole million people to the Russianpopulation, and not only that there's a show of force to show that Russia stillhas a strength to be a major player in rotil's right. But why you you crane, like what is the tacticalimportance of Ukraine, is like a natural resource that you don't reallyknow of? Is the Black Sea or is there anything else to it? Well, if you look you create on a map,specifically an elevation map, you could see that it's just flat planesthat makes it really easy to invade places like Russia. If you go back to World War, two ermine,instead of going all up for Moscow, they put a lot of their forces to goingto go through southern Russia and the caucuses, because that's where most ofRussia, Russia's natural resources, such as oil, come from. So it'simportant for them to put space in between those natural resources and theWestern powers, though they m make it as secure as possible. So now, why is Russia taking more directapproach by deliberately stating that they will puttheir troops uniform troops into Ukraine on like two thousand andfifteen, where we saw contractors and and other really black, up sort of offside books,type of soldiers? If you look at it recently, Europe as a whole as a entity has beenweakening. So you see that with Bregi, see that with countries like Germanyhaving very low military spending and trying to completely go isolation isdone their foreign policies, so Russia smells weakness and they see after thetrump administration that America is no longer allied itself with its Europeanfriends. So going on, like smelly all weakness, stuff winy me to put it yeah well, what do you think are theimplications for the future that Russia with Russia's aggressions? Do youbelieve that they're going to show aggression other places such as thepolitics? Really, I think Russia is going to go over. You know Russians esfit like you said they smell weakness, that's a good way. To put it, do I think that the internationalcommunity is going to like really care about Ukraine not yet until Russiashows that they will really in Vera in a Upran? I really don't think that thisis this warrants a you know, a native response. Also, you see that Ukrainehas been trying to join NATO for a good bit now, and it might actually happenwithin the new near future. So what do you think this would show to Russia andthe rest of the world in terms of NATO and European and American involvement?I mean Russia has their own alliances...

...with bricks. That's Brazil, Russia,India, China and South Africa. So actually the thing is bricks is more ofan economic alliance, so I'm pretty sure the Indians and the Chinese hateeach other in terms of you, it doesn't really have much to do with militaryand also South Africa is also in the common wealth of nation. So I don't really think it's mostly a minit.It's mostly an economic alliance. I don't under estani South Africans, amilitary, probably song, maybe okay yeah, like I said they're in the commonwealth of nation, so they're aligned with the UK and most of the Westernwerall yeah. Well, NATO. Now I mean it's morelike a deterrent, it turn to Oh yeah, a well a sething Russia in general, asI've mentioned before, geopolitical strenth has been declining in the pastfew years. They are no longer the second preeminent Gogol power t has nowgone to China, who also has incursions their self chantes and overtime on. Soyou could see that they're trying to desperately stay relevant in worldpolitics and we'll see if that's successful, yeah I'm going back to Nada, though likeNATOs inception, was tactics to turn to the Communist threat in the cold workright. So really now I think it's a deterrentagainst China and Russia, so any nation to join Nada will now and now Americahas an excuse to launching full military response to rather than gothrough the UN and then get permission you know. Well, you see. NATO stands for NorthAlantic Treaty Organization, and at this point I doubt Western Europe caresmuch about China. In fact, China is one of the biggest trading partners of theonly people who really opposed to Chinese expension, there's now theAmericans, the Indians, the Australians and other people and the Japanese. Soyou could see that with quad alliance that starting up nowbetween America, India and and Australia. So you see that America isprobably one of the main driving factors behind preventing the spread ofChinese influence, but otherwise, I'm pretty sure China has done well interms of foreign policy and see that the about the road initiative they'regetting a lot of allies in the future, from places like from like manydeveloping nations and places like Africa Out Asia, the Middle East- and you see these places are going tobecome far more prevalent in the future with the foreseeable population booms.So China is a very exploit driven. China has a very expert driven economy,so they need to sell things to people and China has never been a great navalpower. That's been the US, so the belt in road initiative is a way for Chinato have land routes to major future markets, and hopefully I mean well,hopefully, for them it's going to succeed, although going back to the Russianprint situation are so in twentee, we obviously saw how devastating theconflict between the super to Sun de Ukraine was. What do you do you think that thepeople really want Russian control, or do you think that they're happy withUkraine with the Ukrainian government? That is a winner? Well, the thing is the eastern, Ukraineand western Ukraine are two completely different places. So western Ukraine isfar more Western de line and looks to join things such as the? U and NATO,whereas eastern ut Ukraine still has a very large Russian speaking andethnically Russian population. You could see that was crime in many ofthem rejoiced when the question troops were invaded- and you see like the place inlike the donax republic also has a...

...majority Russian population, and thething is Russia has already distributed Russian passports in these places wasgoing to be really difficult to integrate it back into Upran. If thesituation is ever solved, I think the Russians would prefer you call it stabilizing the region rather thaninvading it. Just like America likes to liberate places right. So he see thingis the Russian goal isn't actually to an x the separatists, because theywould have done that a while ago and said the separates? Do want to beanexed into the Russian Federation? But the thing is Russia and lasses. Russia does want a peaceful solution,but they do want these zones sick game or autonomy in the uqaid government andthus have more Russian influence in Ukraine, which would be a net win forthem because they know a full skill. Invasion of Ukraine is not only goingto be very costly in terms of Russian lives, but as well as the Russianeconomy because of Western sanctions so they're trying to it smart right now and it close off ima rush. You cran discussion not do you think in the event, in the unlikelyevent, hopefully I'm likely invent that Russia and Vasca. Do you think it'll begood for your crane? Do you think it'll be good for that region of Europe? Whywill I don't see how an invasion of that area would be been osontagongonaright? If Rush is O, you know lay down theirarms in whatever form of good will. No, I doubt any sort of invasion or anysort of military involvement is good for anyone, regardless of where theyare or whether they win or not. Because if you look in the past of any years,we've lived in a period of a long peace, so yeah there have been civil wars andthere have been wars between meaningless nations and there have beenwords between great powers and smaller powers, but there's never really beenlike a great war, and I feel like we should keep this long piece going andany sort of elevated conflict would be bad for the world as a whole and the a wert takes place. I absolutely, butlet me not refreeze that question say: Would you cram be better off as a partof Russia rather than being in some state? I don't think it would be abetter. Ukraine would be a better off as a part of Russia, because I'm againa big proponent of self governance. So the Ukrainian people in the Russianpeople are two completely different things. You could see that and like even duringthe USS. Many of the so communist republics had some sense of selfautonomy, so I feel fate the end of the day. It'd be better. If you fain isgoverned by Ukrainians in Russia is governed by Russians. No, I wholehardly agree with you all right so now, shifting gears over to you knowdomestic news. So we've seen a number of high profile police incidents and isju in just these past four months now, one of the most polarizing instancethat has happened recently was the shooting of sixteen year old, Mickeyand Brian, so we're here. What is your opinion on the makeing shooting all theone like a very clinical answer, but I believe that this is a tragedy, but shenever happened, and I feel like this. I marvel systematic problem than one.That's a just in this video a sov mentioned. There has been a lot ofthese police shooting cases and, like past five, ten twenty years, Oh, I feel that it shouldbe addressed on a larger scale, on a federal lave level, do police reformand changing training and that kind of...

...stuff man. People have been claimingthat the officer shones of Tasor you thereshould have been even a sofa worker on there and then the entire secuto wouldhave been dis. Diffused right, that's some what I'm saying, but that's whatother people are claiming right. So what do you think about that? Do youthink? Well, I disagree with those people because, like if you look at thevideo it all unfolded over like period of like ten seconds, ten fifteen twentyseconds and it like all, went by so quick, it's very difficult, properly. Think of what to do in asituation like that, like leaving like me watching the video like, I couldn'tfully contree what was to do what was going on after watching it like two orthree times, oh, like they had to put yourself in the officer shoes here I eone girls on the ground having her head, kicked in and then there's another girlpinned to the car about to get stab. So like what do you do? I believe in this case, most officersare trained to pull up their fun and shoot eliminate the threat, because thething is the officer did get the call, and in this case he did not know whowas a pertinace from his point of view. It seems a press called about beingbullied, is the one who is about to get stabbed yeah, so he had to make like aliteral split, efy decision on what to do, because that could have been thedifference between someone getting stabbed to death and- and I was what else now moving on. What's recently, we'veseen the indictment and the result of the George Floyd and their shelvin case.What do you think that? What do you think the outcome of that tri? I think that outcome was cessary and justice was served. Thething is, it does nothing to actually solve the problem, larger problem atand because they are like hundreds of Derek shoves and hundreds of JoyceGeorge Floyd in the US. So there are many cases that are going to be sweptunder the rug by the Blue Wall of like officers, not even roor reporting theirother officers that severe a strait. What was the question? What isyour opinion on the George Floyd Tassoc? So I believe that the outcome wasjustified and justice was served, but thing is we have to look at it from adifferent perspective. While justice was served, it really did not doanything or the larger problem at hand, because one of the biggest regins thatwell yeah one of the biggest reasons that this case of such a success isbecause of the wide spread Utri that came from scial media and through abath life matter movement. But the thing is, this: Isn't an isolatedincident. It happens to many many people all across the country for andit's been happening for like the past decades. So there are hundreds of George roys andthere are hundreds of Jack Shovin that we've never even heard of and they'vejust been hiding hid in a way and there's really nothing that hasbeen done about it, and I believe that we need to let take a good look at thepolice system and see what we could do with to change it yeah. I believe youtouch it upon this a little bit before about this Blue Wall of silence right, soofficers are extremely hesitant to report him collies errors. So how muchof a problem do you think that is and how should it be combated right? A thing with the Blue Wall silence is,I believe it can be combated, though, amongst the police voice and it's notjust a a poceeded it in the military,... well as a sense of camaraderie andsense of authority that many people hold. So they believe that reporting theircomrades is just wrong. Then they be snitching and it's just a word, a fateworse than you know, being fired, because you know there's a sense ofbrotherhood that many of these police officers share. You know they go intothe field together of times that even wising their lives together so to justrat out a friend and possibly ruin their lives is something that none ofthem would want to do, and this is the case like again, as I mentioned, notjust in a police force and not just even the military, like even amongstmany criminals. You know honesty amongst thieves. Ye mean honor amongSteve, like any people have a sense of you know royalty to those around them and Ibelieve, regardless of what we do regardless of the training. But it'sunlikely that we're going to have a system or officers are just going toopenly rat each other out, and I rest just the way themes are well.I mean with the introduction of body Cams Right. Ithink we've seen pretty like the bull of science hasbeen kind of combated by these body cans right. So one of the propositions made by some people is acivilian overside board where basically, all of the body can flotage from oneday of policing, goes towards this board of civilians, right electedofficials or appointed officials who sift through this plage and see ifthere's anything wrong with it right. So do you think that could be apossible solution? I do believe that's a good idea, butthe thing is that doesn't really an ything for when the officers are inthese situations in the first place and have to make a spitaces decision. So Ifeel, like many officers, only go through a couple weeks of trainingwhere in many other countries they have multiple years of training. So I believe you have to look into that.First, we need to teach better fire arms discipline. We need to teachbetter ways to disengage a well. I mean this does do a lot ofpolice accountability, something that a lot of politicians and a lot of peoplehave been asking for quite a lot. So what do you think of that policeaccountability? I mean again, a lot of police officers do have immunities andthese sorts of scenarios, and I believe that some sort of immunity is requiredfor them to do their jobs properly. Because again, America is a verydangerous country, regardless of how you look at it and it mayn't be asystematic problem, but it doesn't change the fact that it is very riskyfor a law enforcement in this country. So I believe that we should have somesort of system to hold police officers accountable. If we go too far, we'renot really sure what the implications may be. It may embolden many violentfouer criminals and who knows where that will lead. I want to bring forth an example offederal intervention in a pretty corrupt police department, New York, that's New Jersey right, so New York,castine significant decrease in both of violent crime and there's only been, Ibelieve, one police shooting in New York since the dog intervention. Sowould some of the measures taken by the dog such as you know, reporting mandate,reporting of help combat many of the issues surrounding police and this blueall silence. As you talk about well again, I feel like this is veryspecific things. So, in order for like a larger scale of federal interventionE in many of these police departments,... would take a lot of effort, man,power and even money so mix like the thing is. We can't really have onespread out general police department for the entire fonty. It's justimpossible, pretty much yea. We need to have like some system oflocality for many of these police departments and like inventions. Whatwe're talking about it the DOJ stepped in and you know basically had. I guessyou told them- agents direct operations that are idete thing with that is. Idon't really want to increase federal involvement to that Gill, becausebecause it would be a uniform solution for all across America which justwouldn't work, is there like rural areas, their urban areas and, like Ijust don't see how that would thologist ICS of that would work and are many calling for the completedisbandment of many of these police systems, and I believe that too isgoing to be very difficult. You know the fish rots from the headdown, so I believe you have to look at leadership positions, and many of thesepolice systems have to look at the training and we have to reforminaccordingly require more years of training in state, better leadership. Physicians,because again, many of these police stems are corrupt in which that thisCrinis m leadership has been there for like thirty forty years, and I believe it'd be better. If we hand Piofficers were going to be holding their fellow comrades accountable and weshould take it on there. Yeah well. You've talked about a little bit about some federal measures that could betaken to come back to reform police right. So should we take a more bottom upapproach to the issue such as funding social programs, investing the low andCONABOR and etc so that the crime never happens, or should we make or should wetake the more direct approach right, so that would be better police training,community policing, more non leatham methods of tackling the problem, suchas being bag, shoppings and converted grenade launchers, that shoot spunto solike? What do you think about that? As long as we don't live in a utopia,crime is going to happen. The thing is our system in general is flawed, so anypeople resort to crime due to their circumstances due to their surroundingand just out of playing me for survival. So if we be mize these cases throughbetter education or affordable housing or access to food, I believe that we'dcut the need for many of these officers to be deigned to in danger in the firstplace, then, if we better train these officers and if we reform the justicesystem, which is a whole nother thing, we make shit sure what make sure thatthese situations are dealt with better and all in all to pan that benefit forsociety, and I believe, that's the projes you tame and may so both would be. I deal withright so not to close off this discussionabout policy. Do you think, with the current political climate that suchchange is possible? That's a pretty loaded question, but it's very it's avery polarizing topic. There are many people that will you know unquote backthe blue, no matter what, and there are some people calling for absoluteanarchy. You know dispeed of all base, and that also is a very absurd. So...'s going to be really difficult toget anything done, because these are reflected in our government. I believethere is place for compromise and if people actually put their prioritiesstraight, we'd be able to get things done. That's that's a fair response tothe question so now for our last topic and probablyshortest stopping here. Covin, you know: Owen Vaccines, I'vebeen rolling out, things are looking up for it now Aloisa in two years of Covin,so we're de Yeah. Well, you well at the numbers for the vaccinations. Almostforty four percent of American populations have received at least onedose. That's a hundred forty six million people, and at least thirty perthirty one point two percent has been fully vaccinated. So that's a hundredthree sand hundred three million people actuallye to these numbers are great, so we'rereceive we're approaching the point where including the matter full. Wevaccinated, including the amount that have relative our community throughbeing infected, were reaching the point where there's going to be hard immunityand the pandemic well, hopefully sued we now, so I believe things will startto get normal by the end of this year. Hopefully you know schools will reopenfully. In fact, I believe that New York is slated to open fully by June first.So that's a date to look forward to, and you know things are looking up ademics almost over. I just drinks, the entire thing, so youknow have you been bascinet personally yeah I have received the first do eremiser the fit of the fier and I will eventually be fully vaccinated. Sothat's looking great, but the thing is, I said, dot with this dose of optimism.We have to look elsewhere. So if you look at a situation in India right now,it's really bad. We may have thought that our governmentduring the cove situation was bad, but over there it's even worse. Yougovernment is confiscating oxygen that has been donated from external sources,just to give it to the rich and powerful wild e. poor are turned awayfrom hospitals dying on the streets. Mors are overflowing, there's not evenenough space to burn anyone, and the situation is just really bad, and thisis what happens when you have a government that just would rather send people to spacerather than have places for people to deficit properly, and it's honestlyjust a really bad situation. They or we at that Mistione. Whatever weexperience on trump, so you know simple another simple question: Why isvaccination important? You know why can just achieve her immunity? Well, if we didn't vaccinate herimmunity would take like what three four five who knows how long to achievethrough things such as vaccination, people are being immune. They don'thave to wear mask anymore, which is obviously a great thing. I don't seehow bad masks are, but people hate it, and it's just easier. You know it's it.It makes it quicker for her total heard immunity to be achieved. The thing ismany people can't be vaccinated because they're allergic or they have some sortof BETICA issues- was better for our society as a whole. If you can getvaccinated, you do get vaccinated. You, like the government, doesn't careenough about you to micro chip. You like Les, we real here. You alreadyhave your phone tracking everywhere you go. The government already knows enoughabout you if they want it to, and also...'s physically impossible for the tobe an actual microsis and planting was the range it was just ridiculous. Justgot a vaccinated will be fine and we'll be left to normal is in on. You have tosay to those where vaccine hesitant, anti vacine well and it's just a fear of the unknown or sometimes even a fear of just a biggovernment in general, and that I do understand you know big form. They want to ruin us. I could see that, but the thing is very few people have like even on sick.These vaccines, like most people, I've met, just, have had a sore arm for likea couple hours. They're, fine. Yes, so I feel that these fears are unfoundedand they're always going to be a sort set. Certain Group of people that aregoing to be conferie like other, even still flattered through its after wewent to space. So as long as we have the majority of people believing inscience and believing in reason, I believe we as a society will do fine, let's hope in the end it will work out.Well, let's all that we have for today. Hopefully you enjoy this ileinstallment and we'll see you in the next one.

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