November 3rd
November 3rd

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November 3rd Episode 1


In today's installment we discuss the confirmation of Amy Coney Barret, the presidential polls, the French Boycott, and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
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This. This is where I chip in and give my two cents on the situation. This is the part where I call Emanuel John Michel Fedrik Ma Jon a clown, not just for this current situation and his other racist policies, like the hedgeob been, but for exploiting not only the Muslims of friends, but for exploiting all of friends. there. My name is Rahal. I made here with my cohost Aan Khan, and you listen to the first installment of our podcast November. Third. Hello, my name is Don con well, let's get started with the biggest story of the week. Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed as the one hundred and Third Co Justice of the Supreme Court. She has twenty three years of law experience under her belt. She first clerk for Scalia right at a law school. She taught it various UNIS from two thousand two, two thousand and seventeen, and then she became a circuit justice nominated by Donald Trump. Well, we're heal. What do you think about this confirmation? So I think you have to take into account the impact is going to have right now, instantly, and impact is going to have twenty years down the line, because if you look right now, you could tell that the Democrats as day put up as much of a fight at it as they could have, because you see Senator Diane Fan Stein Congratulating Lindsay Graham about how this has been one of the best sets of hearing I've ever participacipated in. Thanks so much for your leadership. And right after the news of Cami Bear being set as Supreme Court justice was released, you see like every single Democrat on social media, such AOC just saying this is why you go out and vote guys, this is why you go out and vote blue and make sure that this doesn't happen again. Well, the fact of the matter is that it already did happen and Amy Kolby Bart's going to ar be around here for a while and she's gonna have a say in decisions that are going... happen like forty years from now. So that's just not something you could reverse easily or even at all. Well, enious, respond to that real quick I mean you're basically hitting the blame on the entire democratic part. You're saying that, yeah, AOC also has something to do with this. Right, but you have to realize that AOC is also like a radical Democrat. She's not like Nan's Pelosi or any of the other moderate Democrats. Is this really a fault of the Democratic Party, or is it just like the Party System Self? Look, you can't blame the Republicans for pushing the air nominee right so soon before the election, right like people may pushed point to Obama not putting in a nominee before he before his election. But yeah, we did, just didn't get confirt because the Republicans put up a fight exactly. So if the Democrats have showed a similar fight, they easily could have prevented this. So what the Democrats are doing is they're using this confirmation of Kobe Bart as a Supreme Court justice as a tool, a political tool, in order it for this upcoming election. So it's not necessarily just AOC. It's like every single one of the establishment Democrats like they saw this coming from like miles away, right after route vader Grinsberg passed away quest in peace. They knew that this was going to happen. And it's not like it was a year away from the election. It was only like a couple weeks so before. Instead of using all the tools that they have. They just let it happen. Not only that, they were placed in to the Republican hearings and all of it. Well, I mean can't the saying that the ends justify the means be used here? I mean, like, just look at the numbers. I mean we have record turnout for election the like. We're expecting like what, twenty thirty percent more voters to you to vote this election.

I mean, you can't necessarily just point a pin that on amy coolly bad being up to the Supreme Court justice. This would have happened either way. So, right at the moment of the recording on most, ninety million people have already voted early, which is already double the amount of early voters from two thousand and sixteen. Now a lot of this may be due to the quovid nineteen a the pandemic, or it could be just due to the fact that people just want their voices to be heard more than ever because this is being called the most important election of our lifetimes. I mean, like, just look at your instagram feed and then like every single like person and their mothers are posting on their instagram stories that, oh yeah, go out and vote. Judge Amy Coney Barry is threatening our rights going on go and vote. You basically said that cony barren confirmation basically had nothing to do with the record turnout. I disagree with that. I have to say that, yeah, she had. She had to do with a big part of this record turnout. I didn't say that she had nothing to do with the turn and I said she didn't have that big of an impact on the turnout. But the problem isn't the confirmation of Koby Bat spurring on a large amount of voters, all right, because we can never really know the true statistics of that. The problem is the fact the problem is that the establishment Democrats just using the Supreme Court justice as a tool get elected, reelected right, because for them is just a means to end, like like you mentioned, it's just a means to end of staying in power, getting re elected. But this issue is gonna like out last their careers. The Koby Bart like, who knows how long she's going to be in the Supreme Court, and that's one of the reasons why trump chose her. She's only forty eight years old.

Compared to the other judges, she's like twenty years younger than them. Exactly so, even though there is record turnout. It means do not justify that. The Democrats using the Supreme Court justice see as a barkning tool. Simply is in something that should be done and it honestly does not bode well for a democracy that such a high position is just being used as a means to end an end. Yeah, the Democrats could have done something. I have to agree with that. But a lot of people won't understand how big of a deal this really is. So let's just review some of the statements or some of the policy that Amy Colby Barrett has already said or stated or supported, and let's see how that's going to have affect on our democracy for the next forty, fifty year. Well, I mean one the look at her stance on abortion and her status as a literal cult member of a church. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine she wrote an article saying that Catholic judges should recuse themselves because of the religious conflicts or their moral conflicts to their duty. Meanwhile, Coney Bart here is a member of a cult. So how do we guarantee that she doesn't basically let her religion put some sort of bias on her decisions. You know, I wouldn't go us and good, I wouldn't go as far and say that she's a literal cult member, but she does let religion cloud heard judgment a ton right, because at the end of the day, Supreme Court justices aren't there to enforce their own morals or ethics or any of that. They're there to decide whether or not legislation is constitutional. I hear you. Well, let's move on from cony, Barry. Let's going to the Poles. Lection Day looming over the fries and we think that it's necessary. We go over the numbers real quick. As of...

October, twenty eight projective hundred and thirty eight is reporting that fifty one point eight percent of Americans approve of Biden, compared to trump's forty two point eight percent approval ratings. That puts Biden ahead by roughly nine percent in the pose where heal. What did you say that? Well, a lot of people may point to two thousand and sixteen and say, Hey, the Poles were widely inactive back then. What is to say that the same thing won't happen this time? While there are a couple things to take into account. Back in two thousand and sixteen, around a week before the election, Hillary Clinton's emails with Russia or leaked and that had a significant effect on the polls and people and voters in general like she was crashing in the polls toward the end, and that's the something that goes that gets overlooked. And also another thing to take into account is that polls will never always be accurate. It's pretty much just an estimation of how people are voting. So obviously polls aren't going to predict the election properly every single time. That's why we have elections in the first place. But the thing to take into account is it polls are still valuable way to see how people are voting and how people view the election. So, yeah, that did have a very big impact on the results of the election. You also see an account that there was only fifty five point five percent voter turnout that election, as well as the fact that people were felt as if they were voting between the lesser of two evils. Right. So you had hilary with her bad rap sheet, with the Middle East, and you had trump with his bigoted ideals, right. So you had a lot of people that were that ended up voting independent. So that ended up resulting in a trump win. Actually, I do believe that trump rim is towo thousand and sixteen campaign really well. You know, he catered to those who thought their voices were lost. I mean you had to take to account that hilary was the very typical elitist establishment Democrat. That's why one of...

...the biggest slogans that the trump campaign had was drained the swamp, you know, get rid of these people that I've been Washington for years and haven't done anything for the people that elected them. And you know, he wasn't outsider, he was a businessman, someone that was easy to see till left. Oh, now that has completely changed. He's been in DC for four years already and instead of draining the swamp, he just filled a swamp up with his own cronies. One of the first thing he had to do was phillip his cabinet with global millionaires and billionaires that are disconnected from large majority of people that elected him, you know. So I believe that is one of the big differences from two thousand and sixteen to now. and not to mention the fact that Joe Biden still compared to Hillary, holds much, a much bigger advantage over trump. So yeah, but I mean there is a difference between this year's election in two thousand and sixteen s election. One of those things is that is the sheer sense of necessity of voting and voting for the right candidate. Well, that's enough of the elections. That's enough of America, in fact. Let's move on to international politics. First off, friends, is going to the cold shoulder fromuslim countries after Emmanuel Macon's seemingly non existent condemnation of the murder of too Muslim woman in an apparently racist attack. Before we give our opinions, let me just give a little context for the situation. This all started on October sixteen, when a Muslim team beheaded his teacher for allegedly showing a caricature that depicted the Muslim profit Muhammad PBUH in a derogatory manner. Maxon's response to the incident was comptable to Bush's response to eleven. Macron cashed in on this incident and went in guns blazing. Basically, he deemed...

...this a quote unquote, terrorist Islamist attack. After macran's response to the incident, Frances anti terror prosecutors took over the case. Now this is where the disparity start. The incident. The incident happened three weeks after to Muslim woman were stabbed in an alleged hate crime near the Eiffel Tower. These countries that were boycotting friends basically asked where were these anti terror prosecutors when these two Muslim women were stabbed? Where were's? Where was this sense of outreache when these two Muslim women were stabbed near one of them France's most iconic landmarks? Why are magazines like Charlie had those still able to spread anti Islamic, anti Christian and Anti Jewish material without any repercussions? And finally, they asked, why is it that every Muslim in France has to suffer because of a radical and an UN Islamic terrorist? This is where I chip in and give my two cents on the situation. This is the part where I call Emanuel John Michel Fedrik Machon a clown, not just for this current situation and his other racist policies, like the hedgeob been, but for exploiting not only the Muslims of friends, but for exploiting all of friends, think about it, macron is basically doing what many dictators and despots have been doing for centuries. He is singling out a seemingly weak men minority of his nation in order to bolster a blind sense of French patriotism. He then uses this blind fervor for his own political game. This is exactly what Bush used against Iraq after eleven this is exactly what Hitler used against the Jews during the third life. This is disgusting behavior from the leader of one of the most diverse nations in Europe. Friends, used to be a haven for refugees escaping political tyranny, civil war and...

...systematic oppression, it is now the ninth most racist country in the world, according to independent sources. Well, we're healed. You have something to say to that? All right. Well, you have to take it account that this isn't necessarily just exclusive to France. All across Europe there has been an uptick in far right and nationalist sentiment, and that may be a reaction to the influx of migrants that Europe has saw seen in the past few years. And while this tends to happen in places where there is a quick change in demographics, and such a short period of time, and a lot of people in these places feel threatened by the change and are just not welcome to different cultures, are different people and see it as an invasion of their homeland, and that's why there's been such a negative reaction. Is it really that these people are feeling threatened, or that they are threatened, or is it just the fact that these politicians are instilling this sense of fear within this populace right for their own political game? Is it really that they're in danger, or is it because people are telling them they are in danger? Oh, you have to take into account that these politicians are being elected by the people. So the politicians themselves reflect public opinion and public sentiment. Right blooded, why are they elected? You know they are elected because these politicians from the GETGO, have told them that you are in danger. Elect me, I will pull you out of danger. All I'm going to say is everything has a cause, and cause of this rise in right wing sentiment may be because of these migrants being been in the first place, but that means to be seen. Well, let's move on from friends. Let's go onto Armenia, Azerbaijan, real countries of Armenian as a by shot, and now at war over...

...the territory of Nagoto carback, which is officially recognized as a part of asserd by John, but it's administered and populated by mostly Armenians. Ever since the last war there have been multiple clashes and peace styles, but they have not really amounted too much. Well, I mean this conflict of Nagorna carback, or whatever it's called, it can really just be there can be parallels drawn between the current conflict and the conflict build Kashmir between Indian bux done, and I mean like again, it's just a ethnic dispute. But international powers have to be involved in and I really don't get why. Like I don't really understand why Nagorna carback is just so important that you need to have a war over it, just like how I don't see how Cashmir is important. But that's besides the point. I know that to Negoro carbacks were important because of the oil pipelines underneath it. The history of Negoro carback is actually just marred in violence and blood. There's been evidence of both sides using ethnic cleansing against the other arogant numerous clashes and wars over this area. So for either side to concede is honestly just accepting defeat and a shame. So both sides really don't have an option other than to just keep pushing. That just causes attentions to mount further and further and it leads to this war. Well, I mean, like, is it really worth bringing in international countries and like making this a proxy war? But you know that's besides the point. Well, yeah, on that note, I'll have to thank the audience for tuning in and sticking with us for today's installment of November three. To Recap, today, we discuss the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, the current situation of polls, the boycott of French projects products and, finally, the as a by...

Jan and Armenia conflicts. Thank you for juning in. Have a good day. Hello, it's me getting down. If she made it this far, thank you for tuning in what's our first podcast. There's bound to be some difficulties. Well, please leave your suggestions in the comments. We hope to see you again soon. By.

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